We from edel-white stand united for the people of Ukraine and for peace within an integrity of the territory of Ukraine.

Thomas Flatt CEO and General Manager Scanderra Swiss Dental Experts parent company of edelwhite, swiss smile and megasmile

Speechless and with our greatest worries, we observe the current aggressions towards Ukraine and its people. It is a country that has become part of our edel+white family 15 years ago. Ever since, we share a feeling of deep friendship and a high mutual respect. Over the years, we have learnt much on its culture, hospitality and our common European values.

We want to express our support for the Ukraine and send our prays and hopes for an end of this nightmare. No one shall have the right to determine the future of another sovereign nation.

Stand with Ukraine. We stand with Ukraine.

Thomas Flatt, Founder and Managing Director edel+white